By Simon Miller

Most European markets finished the trading day down after a brief rally following the Greek election.

The drop was led by Spanish and Italian exchanges after their benchmark bond yields rose to highs over concerns with their economies.

The Spanish IBEX fell 2.96% while Italy's MIB was sharply lower, down 2.85% to finish at 6,519.90 and 13,009.63 respectively.

The Eurostoxx 50 finished down 25.59 at 2,155.64 after hitting a day-high of 2,209.41 while the CAC 40 finished down 21.43 at 3,066.19 after a high of 3,128.27.

The FTSE 100 and Dax exchanges sneaked a plus closing of 5,491.09, up just 0.22% and 6,248.20 (0.30%) respectively as markets fed in the overlying issues in the eurozone despite the Greek election results.

Earlier the Hang Seng reflected early optimism with it closing up 1.01% at 19,427.81 while the Nikkei 225 closed at 8,721.02, up 1.77%.

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