By Simon Miller

Three non-executive directors have been appointed to the Bank of England.

Bradley Fried, Tim Frost and Dave Prentis begin their appointments on Friday, 1 June, while Michael Cohrs, John Stewart, and Adair Turner have been reappointed as non-executive directors of the Bank of England.

In addition, Turner will cease to hold his ex-officio position as a non-executive director of the Bank of England once the Financial Services Bill reforms come into place.

Sir David Lees, chairman of the Court of the Bank of England, said: “The non-executive directors play an essential role in overseeing the management of the Bank, a role that will become increasingly important as the Bank assumes its new responsibilities. I am delighted to welcome the appointment of the three new non executive directors to the Court and the re-appointment of the three non-executives whose current terms are about to expire."

Brendan Barber, Mark Tucker and Harrison Young are retiring from the Court on 31 May 2012.

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